Bleach ombre flannels can cost upwards of $80 in department stores, but with Orly Shani's DIY tips you can create your own Ombre shirts for $5-$10!

Ingredients: All you will need is bleach and either an old flannel that you've lost interest in or head to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill. Make sure the clothing you use is 100% cotton or the bleach wont take. Directions: 1. Two different buckets one with 25% bleach 75% water, one with 100% bleach. 2. Cut off the hem to test it and also to create the frayed edge. Dip this piece of fabric in 100% bleach to test the fabric and how it reacts to the bleach. 3. Dip shirt half way in 25% bleach then the bottom forth in 100% bleach. 4. Chuck it in the wash when you're done and you're all set. Iron On Studs

Directions: 1. All you need is a hand iron. The one Orly used is called Kandi professional touch rhinestone applicator. There are adjustable heads for this iron that you can swap depending on the size studs you buy. It’s much better than trying to use a giant awkward regular iron. 2. Just lay your garment flat and place the first stud where you want it and carefully swap your finger with the iron. Hold it down for around 10 seconds and test it. Depending on the fabric you may need to hold it down longer. And once they're all kind of glued down where you want them you can hold a regular iron with a towel between them to really get them stuck on there. 3. **TIP fuzzy flannels are great because the glue gets all smushed into the tiny hairs, ensuring that they will really stick well. It's tougher with slippery fabrics. But all you have to do is test it. The iron costs about $25 but you'll have it forever. Then you can buy little studs at fabric or trim stores. Orly also shared some links on where you can purchase them online.