Make Your Own Movie Screen Frame for Your Indoor Drive-In Movie Theater

Materials needed:

  • All PVC Pipe is 2" (Your local hardware store will cut them for you.)
  • (9) 4 foot PVC Pipes
  • (4) 4 Foot PVC Pipes
  • (1) 8 Foot PVC Pipe
  • (2) PVC Elbow Joints
  • (6) PVC "T" Joints
  • (6) PVC End Caps
  • *Hammer

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Special Notes:
*Tap all joints and end caps with a hammer to secure the connection between pipes.
Making Your Movie Screen:

Material Needed:
(1) King Sized Flat Sheet
Safety Pins Instructions:

  1. A king sized sheet is the perfect size for our 8' x 4' PVC frame. Fold sheet in half. Pin sides together starting 2 inches in from the seam, spacing safety pins about a foot apart.
  2. Leave the top of the sheet open, essentially creating a large pillowcase.
  3. Slip the "pillowcase" over the top of the PVC frame.
  4. You may need to adjust the placing of the safety pins to ensure a taught "screen."
  5. Set up your projector and enjoy your Indoor Drive-In Movie Theater!
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