Make Your Own DIY Hulk-Sized Bookshelf Playset!


  1. Choose bookshelves that are different heights so that it mimics a city skyline.
  2. Attach molding to the bookshelves and then painted them any color. You can paint the bookshelves any color you want. We chose dark blue for the “buildings” and light blue for the molding because we wanted to create that comic book look as though the city was in nighttime shadow.
  3. Now we needed to connect the three bookshelves together as one unit. To do that, we needed to create a platform. We placed the bookshelves side by side and measured their total length, width and depth.
  4. Using 1 x 12” pine, I cut a platform with edging that we would eventually place the bookshelves on. The platforms not only makes the 3 bookshelves one unit, but it also makes them more secure for your kids to play with.
  5. Attach castors on the bottom of the platform so that the playset will be easy to move around any room.
  6. Finally, we placed each bookcase one at a time onto the platform and secured them together with screws.
  7. What is “Greebling” or “making greebles”? It’s a DIY term that means to gather a bunch of random items that don’t necessarily have anything to do with one another, putting them together and creating a piece to use. If you look at the buildings, we’ve “made greebles for the tops. That is how you make your own playset unique and all of these came from the 99 cent store. You can even take stuff from around your home. It’s that easy.
  8. For “windows” just download the PDF’s we’ve provided you here straight onto sticker paper so that you don’t have to cut and paste.
  9. Have your children help you create different scenes for their action figures in each cubical or shelf. Let their imaginations go wild.
  10. The best part is this doubles storage for your kid’s toys. Once they are done playing for the day, just have them put their actions figures in the cubby holes, spin the unit around, push it up against the wall and they have cleaned up their toys!
DIY Hulk Sized Bookshelf Playset

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