Lisa Guerrero's Mosaic Votives


  • Plain glass votive Candle Colored stain glass Clear glass Glass nippers Sand colored grout Grout kit (sponge, spreader) Glass/Metal silicone glue Vintage looking pendants Gallon ziplock bag (to cut glass in) A small plastic pail with water to clean grout A small plastic or styrofoam bowl to mix grout Rubber gloves Glasses or protective goggles


  1. Cut and glue glass design onto plain glass votive.
  2. Glue clear glass around center design.
  3. Grout all 4 sides of votive, leaving clear space for jewelry to be attached in center of flower. Let dry overnight.
  4. Glue jewelry into center of flower with silicone glue.
Journalist and artist Lisa Guerrero shows how to make custom mosaic votives.

For more information about Lisa's artwork, go to her website at You can also follow her on Twitter @4lisaguerrero and watch her on TV as the chief investigative correspondent on " Inside Edition."

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