Legacy Plants with Shirley Bovshow

1. Dividing An "Arrowhead Plant" (Nephtitis)

  1. Take the plant out of container and look for separate clusters of plants or stems with healthy root section.
  2. Carefully, divide the sections with your hands and separate from the roots with a sharp knife.
  3. Place the division in a container that is slightly larger than the root spread.
  4. Secure with more potting soil and water sparingly until section gets established and new growth appears.
  5. Plant should root within 3-4 weeks.

2. Stem Cutting An Ivy Geranium

  1. Cut a stem that is between four to six inches long at a 45-degree angle, directly below a node.
  2. Remove the lower leaves from the stem and any flowers or buds along the top. (Lower leaves are vulnerable to rotting since they may come in contact with the soil).
  3. Dip the bottom of your stem into rooting hormone.
  4. Stick the cutting into moist potting soil, covering the root hormone area.
  5. Mist your cuttings!!
  6. Cover your cutting pots with a plastic bag to function as mini-greenhouse.
  7. Place your cuttings in a bright, sunny spot, but avoid direct sunlight. (Roots grow in soil temps between 70-75-degrees).
  8. Check your cuttings every day for the next few weeks!
  9. Plant will root within 4-6 weeks.

3. Leaf Cutting- African Violet

  1. Choose a leaf that is neither too old or too new and cut with 1-inch of stem.
  2. Stick leaf with small stem at 45-degree angle into moist soil.
  3. Cover with plastic bag to increase humidity.
  4. Set in bright spot but no direct sunshine.
  5. When new plantlets appear at the bad of each leaf, cut away the parent plant.

4. How To Prepare Your Legacy Plant For Gifting

  1. Select a good-looking container and detail it with moss, stones. Make it pretty!
  2. Make a custom plant tag that includes the year of the original plant, the recipient, occasion and story behind it.
  3. Include a photo of the plant with its original owner so no one will forget where it came from!

Heirloom Plants with Shirley Bovshow

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