Learn to Plant Kiwi with Shirley Bovshow

Shirley Bovshow is teaching you how easy it is to care for kiwis.

Where do you get Kiwi seeds?
Take a look at inside the kiwi fruit. See all the black seeds? These are the seeds that you use to grow more Kiwi plants. There are hundreds of them and each of them can be a potential new plant.
Buy kiwi fruit labeled "organic" at store for stronger seed stock. How many kiwi fruit grows from one plant?
A mature kiwi vine can produce more than 200 pounds of fruit.

  1. One hundred or more pounds possible from a single cold-hardy variety kiwi plant. How to harvest and prepare the Kiwi seeds for planting: Remove seeds from Kiwi fruit.
  2. Place kiwi seeds and water in small blender to separate gooey membrane from seeds.
  3. Wash seeds in sink using colander.
  4. Shirley places seeds on damp paper towel and inserts into a plastic ziplock and place in warm spot.
  5. Tear paper towel into small pieces and plants a couple of the sprouted seedlings that are stuck to it into a small pot.

STAGE 1 - Several tiny kiwi plants in one pot starting to grow
There are many plants that are growing from the small spouts we planted in the container. You can see tiny leaves. Up to this point the plant was drawing from the stored energy in the seed to grow. At this point I separated the little plants and placed two in each pot.

STAGE 2 - Kiwi plant as larger plants that have been separated 2 per pot
At this stage, it will take about 3 weeks for the kiwi plants to grow more leaves and rely on photosynthesis or energy from sun to continue growing. Plant needs plenty light and consistent moisture.
Shows STAGE 3 - 1 large plant per pot When the plants start growing more leaves, I move them into individual pots because they will begin to grow fast! Start fertilizing them with "starter fertilizer" to boost their nutrition.

Shows STAGE 4 - 2 large, mature Kiwi vines - one is male the other is a female plant When plants have grown this big, it's a significant time because they will begin to flower and you can see if it is a "male" or "female" plant.

To grow Kiwi fruit, the female plant needs to be pollinated by the male plant. Nature will take care of this, but you have to make sure you have at least 1 male plant for every 5 female plants for successful pollination. Only female kiwi plants bare fruit. The mail plant only assists! How can you tell from the flower which is male and which is female? Male flowers produce pollen from the numerous stamens. Female flowers have a well-developed ovary with long sticky stigmas in the centre to hold the pollen.

Fun Facts: "How long do you have to wait for first Kiwi fruits?"
3-4 years
"Can you grow Kiwi in cold areas?"
Yes. Cold hardy varieties can take 10-degree winter.
"What month do you harvest Kiwi fruit?"
"How big does one vine get?"
30 feet long!

Planting Kiwis with Shirley Bovshow

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