Ken Wingard puts a spin on weeknight dinner.


    ½” Plywood cut to :

    • 24” diameter circle x1
    • 36” diameter circle x1


    • Reclaimed wood planks
    • Wood glue
    • 6” or 12” lazy Susan hardware
    • Jigsaw
    • Nail gun
    • Aluminum flat bar x2
    • #8 ¾” self-tapping sheet metal screws
    • ½” wood screws
    • Power drill
    • 1” drill bit
    • Pencil


    • Beam compass
    • Two pairs of pliers
    • Bit extender


    1. Draw the 36” and 24” circles onto your plywood using the beam compass.

    2. Cut out the circles using a jigsaw.

    3. Arrange the pieces of reclaimed wood on the 36” plywood circle to your liking then apply wood glue underneath each piece then place back down.

    4. Use a nail gun to secure the reclaimed wood to the surface of the 36” plywood circle. Set aside to for the glue to set for bit.

    5. Mold each piece of flat bar by grabbing it on both ends and working it around the edge of the small plywood circle. Do this with both pieces.

    PRO TIP: The ends may not round easily, use a couple of pliers to grip and round the ends.

    6. To remove the excess reclaimed wood, flip the large circle with the reclaimed wood bottom up and use a jigsaw to cut to the edge of the large plywood circle.

    7. Screw the aluminum flat bar into the sides of the large circle using the self-tapping screws.

    8. Attach the lazy Susan hardware to the center of the 24” circle.

    PRO TIP: The larger the lazy Susan hardware the less teetering you will get when it turns. The 6” is the largest you can get in a hardware store usually 12” can be ordered online.

    9. To be able to attach the lazy Susan hardware to the top circle, move the top plate of the hardware so it is offset from the bottom plate and mark through one of the holes. Use the 1” drill bit to drill a hole through the 24” circle where you’ve marked.

    10. With the 36” circle face down, place the 24” circle in the center face down. Drill through the hole to secure the top plate to the bottom of the top of your lazy Susan.

    11. Flip upside right, place and enjoy!

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