Laura Nativo's Recycled DIY Pet Toys for Earth Day!

Cat Toys:

  1. Cat Nippers: Feeder toys made with recycled containers, kitty snacks, and an exacto knife. Supplies: • Plastic water bottle or repurposed plastic egg from Easter. • Exacto knife • Cat snacks Instructions: Cut one or several squares in the bottle or egg with exacto knife. Fill with snacks/catnip.

Dog Toys:

1. Blue Jean Biter
Chew toy made from a recycled plastic bottle covered in denim from an old pair of jeans, or a sock, tied at the ends.

• Plastic water bottle • Old pair of jeans • Scissors • Self-adhesive Velcro • Pair of knee socks

• Cut a piece of denim off of one leg of your jeans. • Apply Velcro to both sides. • Seal one side with Velcro. • Insert water bottle. • Cut slits in the opened side of the denim pocket, insert smaller denim strips through slits and tie to make tassels.

2. T-shirt Tug-of-War!

Tug toy made from strips of recycled t-shirt material, braided and fed through a tennis ball. Supplies:
• An old t-shirt cut into strips
• 1 tennis ball • Power drill

• Cut t-shirt into long strips. • Braid strips together to form 2 rope-like braids, then braid the 2 braids together, tying at both ends. • Drill a hole in the center of a tennis ball. • Feed the t-shirt rope through the ball, tying a knot on both ends.
Recycled DIY Pet Toys for Earth Day

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