Laura Nativo Tricks for Treats

Laura Nativo Tricks for Treats

3 Tricks:

  1. "Trick or Treat" – basic sit up and beg
  2. "High Five" – basic hand shake
  3. "Go to your Bed" – a great trick to teach your dogs in case they get rambunctious on Halloween night with so many guests showing up at your home.

How Do Dogs Learn?
Dogs learn by Capturing and Luring. Sometimes the dog will offer it (the trick), so you’re just capturing the behavior and rewarding it. Luring is when you lure the dog to paw at the food/treat, and then reward that behavior.

  1. Have kibble or high value treat – something better than what they normally eat. Piece of chicken, meat or cheese. When you're teaching them something new – you want something extra special – toy or food.
  2. Keep it positive, fun and short. They don’t have a great attention span – you don't want to stress them out. 5-10 minutes tops.
  3. Be consistent. Pick a word and stick to it. Laura can say sit, spell it, "s-i-t" and a do a hand signal – all means the same thing to them when it's presented consistently. Vocal command and hand signals are key.
  4. Use happy upbeat tone of voice.
  5. End on a positive note. You want to keep them coming back for more.
  6. Offer a jackpot. Give them a bunch of treats at the end so they look forward to it.

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