Orly Shani and Paige Hemmis show you how to get your house ready last-minute Thanksgiving.


Glass vases (I will be using three vases in varying sizes/heights as listed below):

1. Glass cylinder measurement: 4.33" x 4.33" x 4.33"
2. Glass cylinder measurement: 4.3" x 4.3" x 5.9"
3. Glass cylinder measurement: 3.9" x 3.9" x 7.9"

Dry items that you have in your cupboard (I will be using the ingredients below): NOTE: It is easiest to use dry ingredients. The same effect can be achieved with wet ingredients, but it will be messier.
1. Corn kernels
2. Lentils
3. Beans and/or cranberries

Battery-operated candles. NOTE: Since you will be using dry ingredients, it’s important to use battery-operated candles instead of those using an actual wick with a flame. Let’s be safe this holiday season! If you only have real candles, then proceed with caution. J I will be using 3” round candles in heights of 4”, 5” and 6”.
· OPTIONAL: Any ribbon or décor you would like to add to your candles.


1. Wash the glass vases and dry them thoroughly.

2. Add a small layer of ingredients (ie kernals, beans, lentils, etc.) to the bottom of the vase, about an inch high (or however high you would like your candle to sit).

3. Set your candle in place, in the middle of the vase on top of the dry ingredients.

4. Add the rest of your dry ingredients all the way around the vase, in between the candle and the edge of the vase.

5. Voila! You can add additional decoration to this vase, or be done here! Enjoy your holiday-themed candle.

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