Last Minute Outdoor Halloween Décor

Last Minute Halloween Décor #1: Window Silhouettes
Our own Prop Master, Dave Lowe, has created these easy and fun Window Silhouettes. Scale the image on your computer to the size of silhouette you want, print them in sections and use them as a template. Tape your template to black foamcore, poster board, or construction paper (anything opaque really), and cut out your silhouettes. Then simply tape them onto your windows.
Download Dave Lowe’s Window Silhouettes here:

Chainsaw Zombie>> Hockey Mask Zombie>> Knife Wielding Zombie>> Insane Clown Zombie>> Creepy Zombie>> Skeleton Zombie 1>> Skeleton Zombie 2>> Skeleton Zombie 3>> Hunchback Zombie>> Demented Zombie>> Last Minute Halloween Decor #2: Eyes In the Bushes Our second Last Minute Halloween Décor tip we call "Eyes In the Bushes." Cut eyes out of a toilet paper cardboard roll, place a glow stick in side, wrap the whole thing in electric tape, and place the cardboard roll in your bushes or shrubbery. It will look like mysterious eye are looking at you from their hiding place in your yard!

Last Minute Halloween Décor #3: Spiders on the Door A bag of plastic spiders and office supply removable glue dots make for a frightening door or wall. Place a removable glue dot on the wall or door, and attach a plastic spider to it! Arrange them randomly all over the door.

Last Minute Halloween Décor #4: FedEx Box Tombstones Our final Last Minute Halloween Décor is FedEx Box Tombstones. Spray paint a used FedEx box gray and used a black marker to embellish it. Use lawn/tent stakes to secure the flaps into the lawn and you have an instant graveyard!

Find more inspired Halloween ideas on Dave’s blog: