Ken Wingard has some fun DIYs for you.

Materials for Crowns

  • Paper cup
  • Card stock
  • Spray glue
  • Glitter 

Steps for Crowns

1) Cut 4 scallops along top of cup

2) Cut 4 circles from card stock

3) Glue circles to peaks between scallops

4) Cut small sluts on each side of bottom of cup

5) Spray with glue and sprinkle with glitter

6) String ribbon through slits

Steps for Glittered Champagne

1) Brush Mod Podge onto champagne bottle

2) Cover with glitter

Framed Glitter Numbers

1) Print numbers from computer on card stock

2) Cut out numbers

3) Spray with glue

4) Sprinkle with glitter

5) Place numbers back in frame using back of face paper as back drop.

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