Last-Minute Labor Day Floral Arrangements

Floral boutique owner Itika Oldwine is showing you how to put together a beautiful bouquet that won't take up all your time.


  • 1 Bunch (20 Stems) Yellow Tara Roses
  • 1 Bunch (10 Stems) Salmon Ranunculus
  • 1 Bunch (5 Stems ) Mango Ball Dahlias
  • 1 Bunch (10 Stems) Mango Calla Lillies
  • Clear tape
  • Good Pair Of Stem Cutters
DIY Last-Minute Floral Arrangements - Home & Family


1. Add some water to the container, but do not fill it.

2. Make tic-tac-toe grid with tape across the top of the vase

3. Start your design from the front of the container with your shorter stem variety of mango calla lilies. Cutting the stem about 2 inches before placing inside vase.

4. Fill in throughout the tic-tac-toe grid with the rest of the ingredients working from the outside in and then around the vase. Your tallest stem should be no more than 2"-3" taller than the shortest stem.

5. Add greenery between the flowers and throughout to fill in.

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