Last-Minute Halloween Hair Tricks

Dress up like Katniss or Ariana Grande with these hair tips!

Katniss Everdeen


1. Pull hair to the left side and follow from the top of the left ear curving down to the nape of the right side when finished.


2. Grab a small chunk of hair about an inch and a half above your ear. Split this piece of hair into three equal sections. Move the section of hair closest to the bottom of your head under the middle section and move the top section under the middle section.


3. Add a small piece of hair to section on the bottom. Then, move the section with the new piece of hair, under the middle segment. Repeat this with the top section. After you have added the piece of hair in, move it under the middle section. Continue doing this as you weave your hair into the braid.


4. When you reach the end, use a hair tie to secure the braid. Pull loose wavy pieces to frame your face.


Ariana Grande


First- take the hair from the middle of your ears to the top of your head where the ponytail will rest. Brush out any loose hairs and create a smooth finish. Secure with an elastic.


Next- take a small section of hair from underneath your ponytail and wrap it around your elastic band.


You’ll then curl all the hair left underneath, concentrate on the end and then gently brush and shake out the curls.


Finish with hairspray!         

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