The Flower Duet, Casey Schwartz and Kit Wertz are showing you how to save money and create your own bouquet.

Floral Materials

  • 10-15 Stems Structured Line Flowers, Such As Gladiola In Various Shades Of Pink, Yellow And White
  • 2 Bunches (20 Stems) Pink And White Larkspur
  • 1 Bunch (10 Stems) Alstroemeria – Yellow Or Pink
  • 1 Bunch(5 Stems ) Bupleurum ( Flowing Greenery)
  • 1 Bunches (10 Stems) Greenery (Fern Or Ruscus)
  • 2 Bricks Of Floral Foam
  • Large Footed Container
  • Good Pair Of Stem Cutters


1. Pre-soak flower foam in Floral Food water

2. Cut the foam to fit in the container. It should sit up a bit over the lip so that you are able to place stems into the side, not just the top.

3. Add some water to the container, but do not fill it. The foam is already soaked and once stems are placed in the foam the water will be displaced.

4. Start your design from the back of the container with your tallest Gladiolas. Your tallest stem can be 2-3x the height of the vase. It should be tall and slim.

5. Fill in between the Larkspur and add a bit of greenery to fill in the back.

6. Continue to build the arrangement coming towards the front, cutting stems shorter so that the design is tallest in the back. Like a layer cake, but on its side.

7. Finish the front with the Alstroemeria and fill in any “holes” with greenery (like Ferns or Ruscus or Mini Eucalyptus) towards the bottom.

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