The Anti-gravity Cell Phone Case: $34.99, 


The Anti-gravity Cell Phone Case! Sticks to glass, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets or tile. It sticks to it all without being sticky! It's tough, self-healing, temperature resistant, and washable. Just remove the protective film, press your finger on the screen in the motion of a cross. Gently try to wiggle your phone to make sure it's stuck firmly to the intended surface! Comes in black and white. Available for all iPhone 5/6 and Galaxy S6 and 6Edge. $34.99, 



Selfie Shoes: Answer their survey on asking "would you buy a pair or not?" and you may get to win a pair!


Miz Mooz, a New York based shoe brand, launched the first ever Selfie Shoes. Miz Mooz is known for its comfortable, functional, and stylish shoes for women-on-the-go, and they decided to take this one giant step further. This is how they work: the innovative shoes enable you to take hands-free selfies by inserting your phone into a docking port on the shoe and taking a photo by tapping the inside sensor with your toe. When Miz Mooz released the Selfie Shoes commercial people went nuts! 2.5 million hits on YouTube, Over 650 Publications, 7million + hits in China.


What people didn’t realize is that this was all an elaborate April Fool’s Day gag!

The video led to mass blogosphere confusion, including MANY publications and celebrities thinking it was real. Within 12 hours of the campaign launching, the shoes were already on sale in China for all sorts of different price points! The team has gotten hundreds of requests to make the selfie shoes, from individuals and from celebrities. What do YOU think? They're working on new designs for a more comfortable, functional sneaker.


They're asking YOU if you think they should make the shoes. If they get 1,000 "yeses" they're going to make them!


This is just a ONE survey question - "Should we make the Selfie Shoes?"


Go to: and vote “yes” today and you can actually get a chance to win a pair today!



Selfie RING: $19.99,


The Glam Screen Selfie Ring will allow you to take the perfect selfie and never drop your phone again.  How many times have you almost dropped your phone while trying to find the perfect pose?  Now you can have a strong, confident grip on your phone that enables you to rotate and turn your device 360 degrees while you are holding it with just two fingers.  The Selfie Ring is also a kickstand for your phone to watch videos at a comfortable viewing angle. Compatible with all devices. Durable, compact design remains flat on your phone when you don't need it! Easy to put on—just peel and stick! Comes in both white and black.


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