Kym's Holiday Beauty Prep Products

Kym Douglas is back with some very helpful products that will get your ready for those holiday parties.

When it’s Christmas time, we all want gorgeous hair and perfect skin. But the reality is you cannot start in December and expect to get good results. The proper treatment takes adequate time, and much like going for a peel or plastic surgery, you won’t see results until some time. That is why now is the ideal time to start prepping, so when December comes around and the holiday party invites come, you’ll be ready.


Monat hair treatment. Men and women can get started now and have healthy, thicker hair by the holiday season! This is for those who may have hair thinning, or who have recently done a perm. Even after a hair coloring, it takes its toll. This helps your hair grow thicker and fuller. - $34.95

With this 100% bamboo washcloth, you’re provided with an extremely delicate and absorbent towel that is soft on the skin. It eliminates concerns about bacteria & mold and makes you much less prone to breakouts.  

Bamboo Face Towel Kit -, $39


Gerard cosmetics provides you with colors/tones of makeup for each season!, from $28

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