Check out Kym’s nifty time savers for your Christmas decor items!

Solo Cup Ornament Organizer:

  • Materials: Solo cups, Divider, Ornaments
  • Directions: Create a layer of solo cups at the bottom of your container. Fill these cups with your ornaments. Lay your divider (or a piece of cardboard) over the tops of the cups. Repeat!

Hanger Light Holder:

  • Materials: Hanger, Lights
  • Directions: Wrap your Christmas lights around a clothes hanger to make for easy and untangled storage!

Cardboard Wine-Wrapping Paper Holder:

  • Materials: Cardboard wine holder, Wrapping paper
  • Directions: If you have ever bought a case of wine the box has a built in cardboard divider that is also perfect for holding wrapping paper! Just put your wrapping paper in each slot (where the wine bottle would be) and it will remain upright and it won’t roll around and come loose and messy!

Pulverized Peppermint Rimmed Martini Glasses:

  • Directions: Put your favorite peppermint (or candy cane) into a bag (make sure to double bag), and carefully crush the peppermint into a rough powder. Then you can use it on your favorite glass to accompany your beverage of choice.

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