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Kym Douglas on Winning the War Against Cellulite

Kym Douglas on Winning the War Against Cellulite

Kym's Cellulite Buster
Coffee grinds stimulate blood flow, which temporarily tones and tightens skin

• Take about a half cup of used coffee grinds and mix them together with just a little bit of olive oil and put the mixture in an old nylon stocking. • About 10 minutes before getting into the shower, vigorously rub the coffee grind mixture over your trouble areas, like hips, butt, belly or thighs. • Let the mixture sit for 10 mins and then rinse off in the shower, repeat 2x/week.
Exercise helps a lot!
A mini trampoline is a great way to stay in shape and bust that cellulite.

• Jump for 5-20 mins/day and you WILL see a difference! • JumpSport Fitness trampolines-they offer a unique take on the trampoline by using reactive elastic cords rather than stiff springs, giving the bouncer the feeling of freedom and fun that a child feels on an outdoor trampoline! They come in a variety of sizes. Jumpsport fitness trampolines are 10% off with code " Home10" until July 31st. Visit jumpsport.com for more!

Adonia LegTone is available at adonialegtone.com.

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