Kym Douglas' Must Haves for Soon-To-Be Moms

1. Shea Chic mommy push pop. A push pop to-go that has a special organic mix of shea butter cream for Mom’s to use on her tummy, arms, hips and thighs to prevent stretch marks and keep her body moisturized. Promocode: kymdouglas25 25% off for Home and Family viewers.

2. Nectar of the Gods. Pregnancy even in the early stages can take its toll on your looks and locks. We want your hair to stay as ling and healthy as it is now so Let Nectar of the Gods come to your rescue with it's deep treatment conditioner that restores, softness, shine and elasticity to your hair keeping it beautiful just like you!

3. Ginger Anything will help with morning sickness. You can do ginger tea with honey: Nausea or Altoids (ginger), keep these handy everywhere, purse your nightstand, desk since nausea occurs at anytime of the day. 4. Sour foods also help because the flavor sour is astringent – it helps alleviate nausea. Many women crave sour foods during the first trimester, perhaps for this very reason. Have these foods handy. 5. We don't want daddy to feel left out so we have the perfect tool kit packed with all the essentials for dad yet packed in a way that helps dad retain his manhood, especially if it ends up being a girl. Papaya with Lemon/Lime Juice Ingredients:
• ½ a grapefruit
• Cranberry • Lemon • Berries • Olives • Sauerkraut • Pickles
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