Kym Douglas' Must-Have Man Products for Women

#1: "Barbasol" Shaving Cream
Shaving cream is the perfect example of how women's packaging costs so much more. Compare "Skintimate Signature Scents Strawberry Tangerine Twist Moisturizing Shave Gel," which costs $4 to "Barbasol Thick and Rich Shaving Cream" which only costs $1.79! Barbasol has been around for nearly 100 years, it works the best, yet, is the cheapest thing on the market. You just need a dollop to cover your whole leg! Their logo is "Shave like a Man" but come on, hair is hair! Shave like a man, in this case, just means getting the job done right-for less!
#2: Old Spice "Classic Scent" Deodorant
Like shaving cream, women's deodorant isn't as effective and usually costs $1 more than men's deodorant! I recommend Old Spice "Classic Scent" deodorant, it's made for a man but strong enough to work wonders for a woman! It doesn't smell overly sweet like lady's deodorant, provides 24-hour odor protection and won't leave white streaks on your clothes! Believe it or not, it smells great too. Your girlfriends will be asking what new perfume you're wearing!
#3: Styptic Pencil
Another item to steal from your guy's shaving kit: a styptic pencil! It's designed to stop bleeding when a man nicks himself shaving. Obviously this works after shaving your legs in a rush BUT also after popping a zit that starts bleeding. Just press the pencil to the cut to stop unsightly bleeding ON THE SPOT (no pun intended)! It's only $1.29 and can be found at your local drug store.
#4: Conair Men's 2 Blade Trimming System
To Get Rid Of Stubborn Peach Fuzz, Try The "Conair Men's 2 Blade Trimming System"

Both men AND women have hair in places they'd rather not see it. Although it's made for men, Conair's 2-Blade Trimming System is a life-saving product for women. With both the narrow and wide blades, you can get rid of everything, from your mustache, to the fuzz around your eyebrows (too fine for tweezers) or even hair on your knuckles or toes. I used to have a little peach fuzz above my lip but thanks to this convenient little gadget, I can trim it any time-no Barbasol needed! Take a look at this.
#5: Men's Boxers

Did you know that the fibers in your bath towel can make your hair dry and frizzy? Next time you hop out of the shower take a pair of your husband's cotton boxers and put that on your head instead! You'll notice your hair will be more shiny and healthy after changing your post-shower ritual! Just make sure to get them from the dresser and NOT the hamper! For more of Kym's great beauty tips visit!

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