Kym Douglas' Before Bedtime Practices To Wake Up Looking Younger

Let's start with the face – it's all about hydration and fighting off wrinkles.
Remove all make up! – use make up remover towelettes if you're too tired for a full face wash – 5 dollars, local drug store.

Collagen Eye patches - $8.00 set of 30, Natural plant collagen works to reduce wrinkles, firm skin, puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes.

Chilled moisturizer from the fridge – keeps you cool, reduces puffiness.

Save My Face pillow – crescent moon shaped pillow to prevent pillow wrinkles. Save My Face Pillow. Measures 19" x 10" x 3" thick. Suspends your face while you are stomach or side sleeping to reduce facial compression that can cause wrinkling and premature aging. Used and recommended by Skin Care Professionals and Plastic Surgeons.

• Humidifier – keeps moisture in the air for constant hydration.

What About Our Hair?

Dry looking hair can age you. • Argan oil – niche – organic Put this on at night to moisturize, and condition – adds shine.– $8.00, or local drug stores.

What About The Rest Of Our Body?
For softer hands and feet: Bag Balm
Bag Balm is a non greasy, all natural cream used for cows utters. It’s been used since 1899 by farmers to moisturize and heal the cows utters after they have been milked. It is affordable, all natural and it works….. so before bed put this bag balm on first then put on socks and gloves go to sleep. Wake up w soft supple younger looking hands and feet. $9.00

Wake up looking youthful and slim with Aqua Tan
Aqua Tan is an all natural over night tanning milk that doesn’t come off on the sheets or hands. It’s made locally here in California and has anti aging ingredients in it like CoQ10, DMAE, nut oil and shea butter. 35.95

Once you've slathered up, it’s time to get those full 7-8 hours!

Tips To Help Us Fall Asleep Faster?

Tips to help you fall asleep: • Peach or pink light bulb. If you read before bed. It's less harsh and puts u in a state of sleep better than a bright glaring white light bulb. • Lavender oil. Calming and soothing, induce sleep. Sprinkle on the light bulbs before bed.

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