Kym Douglas' Beauty Secrets Around the World

French Secret: Mash up a handful of grapes and combine with 2 TBSP of flour for a great face mask!

Benefits: Like a glass of red wine? The linoleic acid and resveratrol are great for your skin!

Indian Secret: Combine 1 tsp of turmeric with a cup of hot milk and drink before bed.

Benefits: Turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory powers and combined with the milk before bed can help get rid of tired morning eyes.

Mexican Secret: Chop up 1 jalapeno pepper and marinate in ½ cup of vodka for several days. Then strain the mixture and an applicator bottle and massage onto your scalp.

Benefits: The spicy jalapeno peppers promote hair growth because they stimulate your scalp.

Greek Secret: Combine ground up olive pits with olive oil to make a strong working body scrub!

Benefits: The essential fatty-acids from the olive oil are moisturizing while the ground olive pits help exfoliate.

Kym Douglas' Beauty Secrets from Around the World

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