Kym Douglas' Beauty Product Fact or Fad

Remember, it's impossible to shrink your pores! You can't physically change them. Instead of buying a "Pore Minimizer" opt for "Primers" or "Skin Smoothers." They'll give you the effect of smaller pores.

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• Nu Face-Prep for Prime Time Retexturizing Primer • Timeless-Staying Classic Instant Skin Smoother Don't be fooled by fancy, expensively packaged wrinkle creams! The only thing proven to help lessen signs of aging is retinol. Kym recommends the following product, which can be purchased at

• Inance Retinol 1% Face Masks are a dime a dozen. But watch out, because most are made with artificial ingredients. Kym recommends "Seacret" brand products because they're made with all natural materials from The Dead Sea. Visit

Ditch all the expensive hair curling products and creams. Get perfect curls with Conair's "Curl Secret!"

Kym Douglas' Fact or Fad Facial Products

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