Paige & Jason's Wedding

Ken Wingard’s Wood Heart Guest Book

Ken designs a unique guest book for Paige and Jason that fits in with the “rustic chic” theme of their wedding!


  • Shadow box frame
  • 1/4" balsa wood strips
  • Wood hearts 1/4" thick
  • Drill with 1/4" bit
  • Keyhole saw
  • Utility knife


  1. Remove back from shadow box frame
  2. Drill 2 1/4" holes through top of frame 4" apart as close to glass as possible.
  3. Using a keyhole saw, connect holes to create 1/4"x 4" slit.
  4. Cut balsa strips to fit around interior of frame leaving a gap where the slit is.
  5. Glue strips in place.
  6. Use a utility knife to trim backing of frame to slip inside of frame and rest on balsa strips.
  7. Glue backing in place.
  8. Now you can write on hearts and slip into slit on frame.
Wooden Heart Guest Book - Home & Family

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