Ken Wingard's Professional Floral Arrangements

• Clear, Rectangular Vase
• Rubber Band • Calla Lilies or Sunflowers • Persimmons • Roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies or hydrangeas • Sharp knife or scissors Instructions:

  1. Take your bunch of calla lilies and based on how large vase is, cut off the stems so they are even lengths.
  2. Using a rubber band, wrap around the bottom of the stems and place in vase, allow the tops of the flowers to spread out.
  3. There will be open space in the vase around the calla lily stems, fill with persimmons.
  4. Take your other flowers and cut stems evenly to short length (2 inches).
  5. Arrange shortened, cut flowers and arrange along the top edge of the vase.

"Column" Arrangement

• Short, square vase • Floral foam • Palm Leaf • String, Rubber band or Twist Tie • Amarillo Flowers • Roses or Chrysanthemums • Knife or Scissors Instructions:
  1. Cut a piece of floral foam so that it will fit neatly inside your vase.
  2. Measure and cut a piece of palm leaf to wrap around and conceal the floral foam.
  3. Place palm leaf-covered floral foam inside vase.
  4. Take 3 Amarillo flowers, measure and cut stems to equal length.
  5. Tie a little knot with a string at the top of the flowers (to give a "blooming" effect).
  6. Place flowers inside vase (the floral foam will hold them upright).
  7. Then, cut your other flowers (roses, chrysanthemums) so stems are 2 inches and cluster along the top of vase.

"Floating Succulent" Arrangement

• Clear, square vase • Floral Foam • Calla-lilies (Orange or Green) • Succulents ("Hen and Chick") Instructions:
  1. Bundle your orange or green calla-lilies at the base.
  2. Using your hands, curve the stems 6 inches below bloom (you'll hear breaking and popping).
  3. Stick curved calla-lilies down into vase.
  4. Cut the succulent all the way down to the crown.
  5. Cut a piece of floral foam and stick on the bottom of the succulent.
  6. Turn the succulent sideways and wedge it in the vase so it's pressing up against the glass.

DIY Professional Floral Arrangments

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