Ken Wingard's Halloween Decorations

Glow In The Dark Mirror
Materials Needed:
• 1 Mirror
• 1 Can of Glow In The Dark Spray • Contact Paper • Scissors • Pencil • Painter's Tape • Traceable Image (we used a raven)

  1. Trace image onto contact paper with a pencil and cut it out.
  2. Affix the cut out image to the mirror.
  3. Tape off the edges of the mirror so glow in the dark spray does not get outside of the mirror.
  4. Spray the mirror with the glow in the dark spray.
  5. Allow spray to dry completely, about 10min.
  6. Carefully peel off cut out image.

Spooky Candles
Materials Needed:
• Vellum Paper
• Scissors • Tape • Glass Vases or Drinking Glasses • Candle

  1. Print out templates onto the Vellum Paper.
  2. Cut paper to fit the glass.
  3. Tape the paper to the glass.
  4. Insert candle.
Ken Wingard's Halloween Decorations

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