Ken Wingard's DIY Snow Village Holiday Wreath

Bring the cozy Christmas spirit to your home with this holiday wreath DIY.
DIY Snow Village Holiday Wreath
Decor, Home Decor
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  • Plain Holiday Wreath (or Wreath form and garland)
  • Miniature Houses and Trees
  • Spray Snow
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors


  1. MAKE THE WREATH: If you are creating your own wreath, cut the garland to fit your wreath form, then wrap the garland around the wreath form and glue the ends together with your glue gun. If you are using a pre-made plain wreath or a live wreath, skip this step.
  2. CONFIGURE YOUR VILLAGE: Once you’ve created your wreath, organize how you want your village to lay out.
  3. BUILD YOUR PLATFORM: Now make the platform to hold the village. Cut a piece of cardboard large enough to hold the pieces you chose. This will be the base. Glue it in place on the wreath, and camouflage it with extra garland and some snow.
  4. ADD SNOW: This the most fun part. We get to make it snow! Use the Spray Snow to cover the parts you want to create the snowy illusion. Have fun!
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