Ken Wingard’s DIY Colored Ice Sculptures

Ken Wingard is getting into the holiday spirit with this DIY.


  • Two Plastic Buckets, one smaller than the other
  • Paint Stirring Paddles
  • Water
  • Food Coloring
  • Freezer

DIY Colored Ice Sculpture - Home & Family


  1. On the top edge of each bucket, cut slits across from each other that are as wide as the paint paddle.
  2. Feed the paint paddle through all four slits of the buckets, with the little bucket inside of the larger container.
  3. Fill the space between the smaller bucket and the bigger bucket with water.
  4. Add food coloring to water and mix thoroughly.
  5. Freeze entire thing overnight.
  6. Use a little bit of hot water on the edges of the bucket to take the ice sculpture out (These buckets can be used again and again using the paint sticks and more water).
  7. Add candle and display! (Keep on display somewhere where the water can be contained while it melts).

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