Ken Wingard's DIY 4th of July Pillows & Doormat

What Do We Need For This Project?
• 3 plain coir door mats
• Red spray paint • Navy spray paint • Silver spray paint • 6 white cotton throw pillows - they have the gurli 20x20 pillow at ikea for $4.00 with a $2.99 insert • 12 - 1"x3" wood slats, aprox. 3' long • Twine • Scrap plywood from which to cut 4 - 8" wood stars • You can find coir doormats at any outdoor store 4th of July Pillows Instructions:

  1. Place a pice of cardboard inside of pillow.
  2. Create design using masking tape and star stickers.
  3. Block half of pillow using paper or plywood.
  4. Spray paint half red.
  5. Swap paper.
  6. Paint other half blue.
  7. Create your own stencil to give your pillow case a custom look.

4th of July Doormat Instructions:

  1. Create stripes using masking tape.
  2. Place star stencil where desired.
  3. Mask the area you want red, spray paint blue.
  4. Mask the area you want blue, spray paint red.
DIY Fourth of July Pillows and Doormat

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