Ken Wingard: Turning Photos Into Window Art


  • Digital image of your favorite photos
  • Clear vinyl self-adhesive decals
  • Ruler, exacto knife/straight edge, pencils
  • Window cleaner spray


  1. Find an image that is the right orientation.
  2. Crop it so it’s the same proportions as the window (size the photo to fit your window using a computer program like Photoshop or iphoto – or have your copy or print center help you or do it for you). Note: If windows are divided into small panes, measure the individual squares (to come from the one big printout).
  3. Bring it to a print shop and ask them to print on a clear self adhesive vinyl decal for straight adhesion. The film backing adhesive can be permanent, or adjustable (easier to reposition). Note: If you want the window to be opaque – so you can’t see through it – print on white vinyl decals).
  4. Clean window well with a window cleaner or vinegar and water.
  5. Peel off backing at one corner, align vinyl properly on window; affix to window.
  6. Continue to peel and stick until entire sticker is in place.
  7. You can remove air bubbles by using a driver’s license or credit card to squeegee.
  8. Pierce any air bubbles with a pin and smooth over. NOTE: The decals cost about $10 square foot. NOTE: The decals should last about 3 years plus if used outside, and 10 years plus if used inside.

Window Art Photos with Ken Wingard

For more, visit Ken Wingard at and follow him on Twitter @KennethWingard.

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