Ken Wignard's Tips on Putting up New Wallpaper

New guideline: Don’t put up wallpaper in big spaces, like dining rooms or living rooms. It's better to wallpaper small areas like a powder room or walkway. If you do want the added flare of wallpaper in a large room, just put it up on one wall, as an "accent."

New guideline: When it comes to wallpaper patterns, over scaled graphics and big prints are in vogue. On the other hand, little prints and patterns (little stripes, little flowers, etc) can give your home and outdated feel.

How Do You Know How Much Wallpaper To Buy?
Simple Math: add the length measurements of each wall and multiply that number by the height of the room. Round up measurements and don’t deduct for windows, doors, or other openings-this will give you leeway for pattern matching and trimming.

• It’s also important to know what your "repeat" is. You just measure the pattern and how often it repeats (6 inches or 18 inches etc) and compare it to room measurements. What Is Pre-pasted Wallpaper? • Pre-pasted wallpaper has been coated with a water-soluble adhesive. Instead of applying adhesive to it before hanging, you soak the paper in water to activate.

What Is Un-pasted Wallpaper?
• Un-Pasted Wallpaper means the adhesive must be rolled or brushed on during installation process.
• Lay out each individual piece and apply paste/adhesive, when you put it on the wall you have to squeegee to get rid of the air bubbles and any excess paste. For more, visit Ken Wingard at and follow him on Twitter @KennethWingard.