Kelly Edwards - DIY Christmas Sweater Vases

Design expert Kelly Edwards shows how to transform sweaters into vases for our flowers.
DIY Christmas Sweater Vases
Home Decor


  • Sweaters
  • Vases
  • Fabric scissors
  • Chunky twisted yarn or twine and large buttons
  • Hydrangeas or poinsettias
  • Hypericum berries
  • Optional:
    • Battery-powered candles


  1. Lay the vase down on its side on the sleeve to measure the needed length. Cut with about 2” excess on each end
  2. With the end of the sleeve at the top, slide the sweater sleeve over the vase and fold the cuff over to finish the top edge. PRO-TIP: If you are making multiple vases or votives and have two frayed ends on the sweater piece, fold the top end inward instead of outward.
  3. Add decorative details if desired. Cut then unwind a piece of chunky yarn, use just one of the strands to tie a bow around the top portion of the vase or weave some twine through a large button and tie it around the top to secure.
  4. Fill the vase with Christmassy flowers or the votive version with a battery-powered candle and enjoy!

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