Keeping your Kids' Brains Active Over the Holidays

*It is crucial to involve your children in every day activities and give them opportunities to learn on a daily basis. These 3 tips incorporate that strategy.

  1. Ask kids to count change at the grocery store or estimate the total cost of goods while shopping.
  2. Identify shapes and patterns in real life.
  3. Write! Cards, thank-you notes, gift lists, recipes, journals about holiday trips.

"Storyteller's Box." This game is perfect for developing oral language skills, vocabulary, speaking and communication skills.

Place one of each type of storytelling card (who, what, and where) with the image face up in front of the child. Ask the child to identify which cards show who, what, and where. Then ask the child to say a story sentence that includes all three cards. After the child is able to form a sentence using the 3 words. Have them use a piece of construction paper and crayons to write the sentence that he or she created. Repeat the process.
Candybox Math
is for ages 4 and up. This game is great for working on addition, subtraction, counting, sorting, and skip-counting by using the chocolate game pieces.
The "Treasure Hunt Game" is awesome for early readers because it helps them think critically about the letters that they use to read and form sentences of their own. The treasure hunt game provides clues for you and your child to figure out together!

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