Katie Cazorla's Easter Egg and "PEEP" Nails


  • Pastel polish
  • Pinking shears
  • Painter's tape
  • Nail foil
  • Nail dotter
  • Crystals

Directions for Easter Egg Nails:

  1. Paint a pastel base.
  2. Cure/dry.
  3. Use pinking sheers to cut painters tape.
  4. Use nail foil and a dotter to achieve the egg decor.
  5. To make your egg more Fabergé, add crystal accents where the dots are.


  • Yellow polish
  • 3D coating
  • Black polish
  • Fine decorating brush

Directions for "PEEP" Nails:

  1. File the nails to an almond shape.
  2. Paint yellow.
  3. Dip in 3D coating.
  4. Cure/dry.
  5. Dot two eyes.

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