Low temp hot glue gun and glue sticks
Scissors Wooden skewers Stand to work on for height Twist tie CRAFT SUPPLIES
Large ribbon for bow and hanger small ribbon for hanging carrots
Round Easter basket with a tall handle Round floral wreath Square floral wreath Silk flowers Glass Tea light or electric candle Candy carrots, peeps, fake eggs, table scatter gems INSTRUCTIONS
Cover the basket with ribbon or paint if you don't like the design.
Make a bow from spool of ribbon and twist tie. Hot glue ribbon bow onto basket. Hot glue on the hanging ribbon around the bow and basket so it hangs straight. Put round floral wreath into basket. Cut off the corners on the square floral foam and insert into round floral wreath. Glue on the glass in center square floral foam. Add flowers around center and edges then fill in the middle. Put peeps on skewers to make floral sticks and add them. Create carrot and egg "crystals" with carrot candy containers, styrofoam, eggs, ribbon, and table scatter. Glue on hanging carrot and egg "crystals." Add candle, hang, and get compliments from friends and family. For more from Kathy, visit her Facebook page or her website!