Katherine LaNasa's Tips for Repurposing Picture Frames & Decorating


  • Don't be afraid to mix artwork throughout your home to give it a personal touch. Paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photography can draw together the look from one room to the next.
  • Creating a sound art collection can take years, but once you begin to gather some great pieces, it can be difficult to figure out how to hang them attractively in your home. The key is to start with one piece and move outward.
  • Put your biggest piece first and work from there. One thing I like to do next is to put work on paper together. Then, if you do a big collage wall, you might hang a heavy oil painting in one corner, but in the other corner put the lighter pieces.
  • For a soothing ambience, you should avoid stacking all of your artwork in the same spot. Space it out throughout the home for a more coherent feel. It's disjointed to see a room with tons of artwork and then the rest of the home without any.


  1. Take a cute thrift store painting in a hideous frame. This is great for gross old gilt frames and frames with too many tiers in different colors, etc.
  2. Take the frame off and spray paint it with flat black spray paint, sometimes white, off white, bronze, and brown glossy finish can also work, depending on the picture.

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Katherine LaNasa DIY Decorative Picture Frames

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