John McLemore's Top Turkey Frying Safety Tips

John McLemore's Top Turkey Frying Safety Tips

  1. Allow 4-min per pound when cooking a turkey in the deep fryer.
  2. Overheating the oil is the #1 cause of turkey fryer fires so keeping an eye on the temperature of your oil is key. You want to keep your oil at around 250°F.
  3. You want the temperature of the turkey to be the same throughout. Many turkeys have ice pockets in the cavity from refrigeration or freezing so place your turkey in a warm water bath to even out the temperature of the meat and get rid of any ice pockets.
  4. Drying the turkey is key. Water plus oil equals fire so make sure your turkey is really dry before you fry it.

What temperature should the turkey be when it has cooked completely?
You want the breast to register at 165°F and the thigh and leg to be 170-180°F. You want the thigh/leg at a higher temperature because this muscle fiber is tougher and the higher temperature helps the meat be more succulent and tender.
How do we get the turkey out of the fryer?
Carefully raise up the basket you put the turkey in to cook it in the fryer and then allow it to drain for a full 5min.
How can you carve the turkey to ensure everyone gets some of the crispy skin?
De-breast the turkey before you slice it to ensure beautiful slices.

Deep Fried Turkey

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