Jessie Jane's Spooky Halloween Specimen Jars

• Ear of Troll: Dried Portobello Mushroom (need 2 giant ones)

• Witch's Spell Potion: Lock of hair, old key, old picture • Dead Mermaid Hair: Twine pieces • Dash of Devastation: Colored Water with Vinegar and Alka-Seltzer (For Fizz) • Fairy Blood: Glow sticks drained in a jar • Dragon Intestines: Asian Noodles with Food Coloring • Broken Chicken Hearts: Roasted Red Bell Peppers in oil • Decomposing Baby Eels: Pretzel Rods soaked in water • Zombie Brain: Cauliflower with Red Food Coloring • Raven Eyeballs: Toy Eye Balls

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