Jessie Jane's Giant Lawn Checkers


  • 12' x 12' astro turf rug - $94.00
  • (58) 5 gallon bucket Lids (24 for pieces and a couple extra for Kings)
  • Red spray paint (2)
  • Black spray paint (2)
  • White spray paint (2)
  • Primer spray paint (2)
  • Painters Tape
  • Clear acrylic spray paint
  • Hot Glue
  • Goo gone


  1. Lay out all your paint bucket lids and remove the labels with some goo gone. This is the most difficult part honestly! Removing labels is no fun. Make sure your lids are clean and goo gone free before spray painting. Start with a primer coat before coloring.
  2. Hot glue two lids back to back and peel off any glue that is sticking out of the sides.
  3. Start with a coat of primer. Then spray paint one side of all your lids with red or black and allow to dry before spraying with the clear coat spray. Let dry and flip over and do the same to other side.
  4. Roll out your astro turf rug and tape off your checkerboard as you go. It's easiest to use a tape measure to make the squares and tape around it, then spray it. There are 64 squares on the board so make each square 17 7/8" x 17 7/8".
  5. Using white spray paint, spray every other square. Allow everything to dry.
  6. Put your checkers in place and play!

*Total for our project: $212.00

Giant Lawn Checkers with Jessie Jane

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