Jessie Jane's Geometric Wood Painting

What Special Tools And Materials Do We Need?

• 24" x 24" plywood sheet or larger depending on your wall $20 • Acrylic wood paint and/or Gold leaf paint $3-$5 ($15) • Ruler • Pen • Wood stain: $4.78 • Painters tape $5.93 • Clear Varnish $12.99 • Wet rag • Paint Brushes $7.87 + $0.77 How Do We Start?

  1. Measure your wood and put your tape pieces at a diagonal direction across the wood making sure to press the tape down well so no paint gets underneath.
  2. Then place the tape in the opposite direction going back across the other tape creating little triangles.
  3. Carefully paint your triangles all different colors and let dry.
  4. Peel off the tape.
  5. Spray with clear varnish.

We priced similar art at Polyvore and they ranged from $200 - $300.
Plywood $20 Acrylic or Gold Paint (3 colors) $15 Wood Stain: $4.78 Painters Tape $5.93 Clear Varnish $12.99 Paint Brushes $8.64

Geometric Wood Painting with Jessie Jane

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