Jessie Jane's Fairytale Tablescape For A Fairytale Tablescape

For A Fairytale Tablescape, What Should Be The Theme?
We have an all silver pumpkin theme. Every pumpkin, real and fake was spray painted with metallic silver spray paint. I embellished the pumpkins with sequins and hot glue …. Rhinestones and hot glue ….. And on these i used spray glue and glitter (just like i did on the ombre pumpkins) i used metallic candle stick holders to raise the pumpkins and give the table some height and i also have glitter bird cages to add a little whimsy to the fairytale table. We made the long banner with old book pages and silver glitter and we carried the theme over and even made little Cinderella shoe toppers for the cupcakes with glitter paper and toothpicks.
How Do You Make The Table Skirt?

• Tulle, 6 inch wide x 100 yards
• Stretch elastic • Fabri-Tac adhesive • Ribbon • Straight pins or safety pins • Tablecloth • Scissors Directions:

  1. First, cover your table with a tablecloth and wrap the elastic along the top edge of the table and tie it in the back.
  2. Pin the elastic to the tablecloth in various spots to keep it secure while you add your tulle.
  3. To create your skirt you will need to cut your rolls of tulle. Each strip should be double the height of your table.
  4. To attach the tulle to the elastic, fold one strip in half and then place the loop over and behind the elastic.
  5. Grab the tails of the tulle and pass them through the loop. Tighten the tulle, it should look like a tie, with the knot in front. The smaller your knot, the more tulle you will need.
  6. Continue attaching the tulle. If your table will be against the wall, you only need to cover 3 sides.
  7. Attach the trim by applying small beads of adhesive along the top edges of the skirt. Hold the trim in place until it dries, work in small sections until all sides are covered.
  8. Step back and look at your skirt. There may be some strips longer than others, you can either trim them or keep them uneven which adds to the whimsical look.

How Do You Make The Banner?

• Old book or journal pages
• Scissors • Tape • Pencil • Stencil • Mod Podge • Glitter • Yarn • Hot Glue Directions:

  1. Tape 4 book pages together so you have a large square. (If making a small banner you could simply use one book page)
  2. Stencil your letter onto the middle of the book pages.
  3. Brush Mod Podge on the center of the letter and sprinkle with glitter. It's best to work in patches with the Mod Podge so it doesn't dry. Continue until the letter is completely glittered.
  4. Allow all book pages to dry before hot gluing them to your string to hang.

Jessie Jane's Fairytale Tablescape

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