Jessie Jane's DIY Zip-Back Shirts


  • Tank top or t-shirt (nothing too thick)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Permanent bonding tape or needle and thread
  • 20" zipper or zipper that fits your shirt length
  • Goo Gone


  1. Lay your tank face down on a flat surface and iron smooth. measure from collar down to the bottom of your tank and pick the correct sized zipper from your fabric store.
  2. Carefully apply your bonding tape on the front left side of the zipper. It will hang off the side but that's ok. Now do the same to the right hand side of the zipper. using regular scissors you will cut off the hanging portion of the bonding tape. It will make your scissors very sticky so make sure you have goo gone handy so you can wipe them clean.
  3. Lay the zipper on top of your shirt with the zipper facing up and the tape facing down. Carefully and slowly pull back the tape on entire back of your short and press down the center of your shirt. Careful not to stretch your shirt or it won't fit the length of your zipper. Continue pressing down the shirt until it's secure. The tape has a little give at first of you misplace the shirt but once you fully press down and iron it will be permanent so work slowly.
  4. You can now unzip the shirt and cut down the middle of the shirt or choose to have a faux zipper and leave the shirt intact on the other side.

*Make sure not to stretch shirt when cut.
*You can sew the zipper easily if you know how to sew. *Always wash by hand unless you sew but this fusing tape is made for machine wash so it's super secure and you can find it anywhere. *The big zippers 24" are $9. *Mix and match zipper colors with your shirt. It adds more style. For more with Jessie Jane, visit