Jessie Jane's DIY Stencil Pillows!


  • Throw Pillow that unzips
  • Stencils
  • Fabric Paint
  • Sponge Brushes
  • Stencil spray adhesive (optional)


  1. Lay your pillow case on a flat surface and insert a piece of cardboard in the center of the pillow so no ink bleeds through to the other side.
  2. Carefully peel your sticker stencil and press down on your pillow case (or use a light coating of spray adhesive and stick your stencil to your pillow case).
  3. With a sponge brush gently blot fabric paint on to your stencil. Make sure you don't brush side to side as this will case the ink to go under your stencil.
  4. Once your stencil is completely covered with paint you can carefully peel off your stencil and immediately wash under warm water so you can reuse.
  5. Let your pillow case dry for 12 hours before using.

TIP: If you mess up on your fabric paint you can wash it out immediately if it's still wet. Once it drys it will be permanent.

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