Jessie Jane's DIY Plasti Dip Appliances


  • Plasti Dip
  • Spoons, knives, forks, mugs etc.
  • Newspaper
  • String
  • Something to hang your items from
  • Toss away tupperware or a throw away plastic container wide enough to fit what you are dipping


  1. Set up your drying station before you start dipping your items. Figure out what you have in your house that you can tie string to that will then hold all your spoons and other accessories you are dipping. Put newspaper under the drying station so all your items can drip dry.
  2. Open your Plasti Dip and pour it into a throw away container that is wide enough to fit what you are dipping. If you are dipping small items such as spoons etc. You can dip them directly into the can.
  3. Dip your item once and let dry for about 15 minutes then dip again. 2 dips are sufficient, but 4 makes it look super thick.

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