Jessie Jane's DIY Moss Bunny Garland

What you need:
48" x 13" SuperMoss (available at craft stores and fabric stores like Jo-Ann's) or Amazon
Tip: This moss will not fade or change color and it does not need to be watered. Your garland will last for years.

Tip: Moss is very messy, so work outside or on top of a large trash bag.

You also need:
• Hot Glue
• Scissors • Cardboard or foam core • Stencil or computer print out • twine • Hole punch Instructions:

  1. Download a bunny template or use a favorite stencil and trace your stencil onto thick cardboard. Trace about 10 bunnies if you want long garland.
  2. Cut out all the card board bunnies and roll out your moss.
  3. Using hot glue lay your first cardboard bunny down on the moss and glue it down on the mesh side. Fold the bunny over so the other side is covered with the moss and glue that side as well.
  4. Cut around the bunny shape, cutting off all excess moss. Glue down any edges that are peeling off. Continue with the rest of the moss bunnies and hole punch both the sides of the bunnies to hang with string.

DIY Moss Bunny Garland with Jessie Jane

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