Jessie Jane's DIY Lace Shirts Under $20


  • T-shirts or tanks, $5
  • Soft lace, $3
  • Fabritac Glue, $5
  • Sharp or Fabric scissors, $4
  • Cardboard, $1


  1. Lay you tank on the table face down and smooth out any wrinkles or iron.
  2. Cut up the back if the tank not cutting the collar. Now you can cut a triangle all the way up the back or a two-inch gap. You can do this on the sides as well. This is where you get creative.
  3. Insert cardboard and lay lace over the cut and cut your lace just one inch larger than your gap.
  4. Cut lace and apply fabritac glue along the edges of the shirt then press lace down and let dry for 12 hours before wearing.

*Machine wash safe and dry clean safe. Can also be sewn on.

DIY Lace Shirts with Jessie Jane

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