Jessie Jane's DIY Christmas Snow Globes


  • 14" – 20" Clear Domes from $20-$100
  • Plastic flower pots 14" & 16" $8-$14
  • White or Gold Spray paint (for plastic surfaces) $6
  • Screen Window mesh - $1
  • SMALL Fan - $29
  • Fake Snow – Styrofoam packing - $5
  • Shredded piece of dryer sheet - $1
  • Figurines/mini trees/Holiday items $1-10
  • Epoxy 6000/Hot Glue $5
  • Fishing line $2


  1. Depending on the size of your dome you will need to find a plastic flower pot that accommodates the width of the bottom of your dome.
  2. Using an X-acto knife or a Dremel Rotary Cutter, cut out a 6" hole in the bottom base of the flower pot.
  3. You will also cut a small half circle (like a mouse hole at the top lip of your flower pot. When you flip the pot over, the cord to the fan will come out of this half dome.
  4. Spray paint your flower pot gold or white. Let dry.
  5. Cut your window mesh into a circle and hot glue to the bottom of the pot so you cover the hole.
  6. Position the fan inside the pot. And have the cord go through that little mouse hole so the post rests evenly on your surface.
  7. Drill a very tiny hole through the top of the dome… this is for the fish line.
  8. Attach the fish line to the figurine that will be suspended in the snow globe. Figurines can be found in your craft store. Look through your Christmas decorations for something that will work well in a snow globe.
  9. Thread the fish line up through the dome, use knots to keep it in place.
  10. Add your snow into the dome, carefully place on top of the mesh side of the flower pot. VERY IMPORTANT… test it by turning on fan, add more or less snow as desired, if fan is not strong enough, move it closer to the mesh.
  11. OPTIONAL… once tested, glue the dome to the pot.

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