Jessie Jane's DIY Bookshelf & Toy Bin


• 1 crate • 4 - 2" swivel casters • 16 - ½" screws • Wood glue or hot glue • 4 bits in of wood • Screw driver • Stencils • Wood paint • Paint brushes

  1. Flip your crate over and place your casters in place. Screw down all four casters. If you have a thin base on your crate the screws will poke through so you can place a bit of wood on the inside to catch the screw. ** If this is the case I recommend gluing down the piece of wood on the inside corners of the crate before you screw the casters on.
  2. Flip your crate over and stencil your letters on one side and let dry.
  3. Feel free to stencil personalized messages.

Tips: If you are making the shelves you will want to flip all the crates on their sides and screw them to one another using screws and bolts.

DIY Crate Bookshelf and Toy Bin

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