Jessie Jane's DIY Baby Shower Invitations

What You Need
16" x 20" frame. I used a white frame and antiqued it with a little wood stain and an old rag.
16" x 20" white frame mat (1) 0-3 month onesie (more if you plan on using these as invites as well) 1-cup strong coffee Glass Bowl 1 package of White Matte Iron-on Transfers Iron (1) 12x12 piece of fabric paper or construction paper Flowers, safety pins, whimsical fabric stickers for embellishing

1. Brew 1 cup of hot coffee and pour into a glass bowl.

2. Soak your onesie for 10 seconds or just until completely coated and you see no white.

3. Wring your onesie dry getting out all the coffee. Now while still in a ball, run the onesie under water for litterally 3 seconds. This is just to wash out some of the coffee and make it look more uneven.

4. Wring dry again and put in the dryer to dry.

5. Once your onesie is completely dry you will need to iron it so it's completely flat.

6. Take your Iron-on paper and follow the instructions on how to print on the paper. I got 2 invitations out of each piece of paper.

7. One your invite is printed, trim to size and fit on your onesie. Now some packages might be different but mine came with parchment paper to place on top of the decal so I could transfer it to my onesie. Follow your instructions on your package exactly.

8. Now you can fit your onesie in your frame! Take you frame apart and remove the backing paper. Instead of the backing paper I used one 12x12 piece of fabric paper from the craft store. You can use colored construction paper, glitter paper, whatever you want. I used the linen and burlap fabric papers. The paper is just a little short inside your mat so make sure the inch gap is at the top of the frame. Your onesie sleeves will cover this.

Once your fabric and mat is in place you can lay down your onesie and add any embellishments you want. You can also have your guests at your baby shower sign the mat if you wish! Get more tips and crafts from Jessie Jane at

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